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1. The merits object of evaluation will be of a professional nature. Exceptionally, the evaluation of specific merits or experience in the professional field of the job may be included, which guarantees the adequacy of the worker to the activity to be carried out in it, after negotiation in the joint committee.

2. The services rendered, for full months, according to the following criteria will be considered professional merits:

a) Only services provided in the same professional category from which they participate and, where appropriate, specialty will be counted. In particular, the applicants referred to in article 51.1.g) will be evaluated for the services provided in the category and specialty to which they belong.

b) All services provided in the category from which they participate will be counted regardless of the administrative field where they were performed, either as permanent staff or as temporary staff, provided that, in this case, they have been recognized for the purpose. old.

c) If the worker is temporarily performing functions corresponding to a higher or lower level category, for these purposes the services will be understood as provided in the category of origin.

d) If the worker participates from a career position, the services will also be considered for these purposes as provided in their category of belonging.

3. All the merits must be accredited and valued with reference to the end date for submitting applications.

1. In the event of a tie between several applicants, it will be settled according to the following priority criteria:

c) Letter resulting from the public draw that determines the order of performance of the applicants in the selection processes derived from the public employment offer corresponding to the annuity in which the call for the contest is made or, if said draw has not yet been held , to the last one made for this purpose.

2. No resignations, neither total nor partial, to the positions applied for will be accepted, the assigned destination being inalienable, unless the resolution of the contest is delayed more than one year from the end of the term of presentation of applications.

Only, in the event that there is a subsequent modification of the working conditions of any of the positions initially offered, the request made may be withdrawn within a maximum period of 20 days from the date following publication in the Official Gazette of the Community of Madrid of the new conditions of the position affected by the modification.

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